Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Joycollab is providing a cloud-based service for the goal of global service but considering the needs of domestic companies, we are also providing our service as a built-in type.

For the cloud service, the minimum number of starting user is 5, and users can be added 5 person basis. Purchase can be made monthly or yearly basis.

For Cloud type, we provide free trial for 2 week and after you can purchase through your owner account using credit card or direct debit payment method.

For On-premise type, we review the possibility of the customer’s requests and if there are development issues, we discuss about the schedule and cost. Check the deployment location and server environment, and proceed with remote or door to door installation. After we regularly check for abnormalities and give supports.

According to policy, we limit the users up to 100 in one office.
If there are more than 100 users or more, you can create your space by floor base.

There are different types of office templates, you can choose spaces(rooms) for 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 persons. If there are more than 20 people, you can expand your space by adding more space(room) for more people.

For the cloud service, we basically provide up to 16 participants in a video conference at the same time. More people can participate in the meeting but only with voice and chats.

Up to 200 people can join in a meeting when using a webinar mode(Speaker view only). JoyCollab is integrated with Zoom and you can choose Zoom for your needs.

For On-premise type, it can be different with the specs of operating hardware so please call or email us.

We are providing trial service through our webpage.

Put in your information for your fantastic virtual office experience and click submit.
You will receive an email with a connecting link. Click the link and you can now experience JoyCollab virtual office.

After registering, you can select or write your domain, company name and theme for your office.
Please check our tutorial for more information (Link).

Tip: It is recommended that you First go to Space settings and set up your space then add members by adding or sending invitation emails.


There should not be an outstanding payment.

For the customers who are not paying the plan automatically, we send an invoice approximately a week(7days) before the expiration date or you can contact us and we will guide you regarding the payment.

If you are using automatic payments, you cannot directly apply for extension. To change the payment period or extension range, please cancel the automatic payment first and contact us.


If there is no outstanding payment, you can add or change your plan.

If you need to change or add your plan, please call us or contact us on our website.
The payment will be calculated based on the expiration date only for the number of days remaining.

Payment Method

JoyCollab accepts MASTER and VISA.

JoyCollab also accepts manual payments by wire/bank transfer. Please contact us, we will send you an invoice with a bank information.

Service Status

You can check your detailed service status only with your own account.

Log in to check your usage status. JoyCollab main page> Click an arrow icon on the top left > Click ‘Work Space’ > Click ‘Space Settings’.

Space Settings button will appear when you login with owner's account.

Service Expiration Date

We give 14 more days from the service expiration date. After 14days the service will be stopped for 30 days.
The account will be deleted after total of 45 days from the expiration date.
You can always pay and reactivate before the date of deletion. (owner's account only.)
Please note that you will need to restart the service from the beginning once it is deleted.


Corporate email
Expiration Date
Stop Date

JoyCollab is providing Zoom and google drive integration. We will also provide google calendar, google Doc integration soon.

Currently, we are testing android app for Joycollab and it will be ready on google play store and also ios app store soon.